asamisimasa at Bergen's Borealis Festival I

In collaboration with nyMusikks Komponistgruppe and Borealis festival, asamisimasa presents six brand new works by Ansgar Beste, Tine Surel, David Stephen Grant, Gregor Riddell, Jonas Skaarud, and Martin Rane Bauck involving acoustic and electric instruments, video and live electronics.

Six young composers from nyMusikk’s Composers Group (nyMusikks Komponistgruppe, NMK) have in the course of 2015 and 2016 written new pieces for asamisimasa. For NMK and asamisimasa the only requirement for the project was for it to be innovative and uncompromising, apart from that the composers were given carte blanche.

Presented in collaboration with nyMusikks Komponistgruppe.
Supported by the Norwegian Arts Council.

Also performed March 5, at Caféteateret in Oslo.

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  • Sted
    Tårnsalen - Bergen Kunstmusem (gml. Lysverkbygn.)